Code Lunch w.tretton37: Fantastic image filters and how to code them

Mindpark Tech with tretton37 and Nikola Pantic
Do you enjoy photography, image editing or simply taking selfies for your social media accounts? Have you ever wondered how all the cool image filters actually work and even wish you could code your own?

At this session, Nikola Pantic from tretton37 will take you on a tour and show how you can really make your own images stand out – with code. The talk will be both theoretical and practical with live demos and will cover the following:
➜ Fragment shaders
➜ GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language)
➜ Digital colour theory
➜ Colours as mathematical components
➜ BONUS: Creating our own retro gaming image filter

There are no prerequisites. An interest for images, colours and programming will make it more fun.

THE YUMMY LUNCH is provided to you by tretton37. If you have any preferences, please email them to info@mindpark.se

MINDPARK TECH is a series of events organized by people within the technology sphere and coordinated by Mindpark. They are all free of charge and lunch, snacks, beverages are provided by the hosting company. Find out more and see other events at mindpark.se/tech

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Adress: Bredgatan 11, Helsingborg

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