Start your exercise walk at the centre of Helsingborg. Take the stairs (or the elevator) from the lower part of Helsingborg to the upper level, the Landborgen. Landborgen of Helsingborg is unique and was formed 13,000 years ago when the inland ice melted. Here is the tower Kärnan situated, the only remains of the Helsingborg Castle. Kärnan has guarded Helsingborg for more than 600 years and is now the symbol of the town. Start your scenic walking tour towards north. You will walk small paths in parks and along private gardens always overlooking the Öresund sound.

Further north you will arrive at Pålsjö forest, a beech wood forest almost in the city centre. This oasis is the main recreation area for the citizens of Helsingborg and highly appreciated. Have a coffee break with Swedish waffles at the Forest Pavilion from 1914 surrounded by high beech trees and a symphony of birdsong.

Continuing down to the coastline you will pass by the small Pålsjö Castle, which origin dates back to 1660, and the watermill from the beginning of the 19th century. You will also pass Pålsjö open-air swimmingbath, build back in 1912. You then return to the city by walking the promenade right next to the sea.

NOTE THIS: This is a good exercise walk in modest-quick tempo. Good walking shoes and leisure clothing