Guide: 12 Interior Decoration Stores

1. FabForm

There is a great mix of quality furniture, exciting objects and decorative items at FabForm. If you’re on the hunt for a special gift or something nice for your own home, you’ll find it here.  Read more about FabForm

Photo: FabForm

2. Norra HH

Is it time for new curtains? Do you want something specially made? Or are you looking for that perfect detail for your home? Head to Norra HH! There are masses of designer fabrics to choose from, furniture, rugs, pillows, lamps and beautiful accessories. You’ll surely find what you’re looking for. Read more about Norra HH

Photo: Norra HH

3. Gömstället

Gömstället is a dream come true if you’re decorating a child’s room. Beautiful furniture, lamps, blankets, porcelain, posters and loads of other decorative details, most of which come in beautiful muted colour tones. Read more about Gömstället

Photo: Gömstället

4. Yankee Home

There are few things that can increase the cosy factor as much as a lit candle. And, if it smells divine, even better. The well-known brand Yankee Candle has a shop on Mariatorget – full of classic jar candles, wax cakes, candle holders and fragrance sticks. Stop in and browse around for your favourite scent.  Read more about Yankee Home. 

Photo: Yankee Candle

5. Staken & Veken

Continuing on the theme of lighting candles, Staken & Veken means Candle Holder & Wick. As the name suggests, they have a great selection of stearin wax and scented candles. You’ll also find classic vintage furniture, accessories, mirrors, pillows – a little bit of everything! Read more about Staken & Veken

Photo: Staken & Veken

6. Bossons Living Room

Bossons Living Room is located on Kullagatan. There are all kinds of exciting details to be found in their assortment, they have everything for your kitchen, different types of art, pillows, and unique textiles. Read more about Bossons Living Room.

7 . Night & Day Miljö

This classic interior design boutique has been helping locals choose beds and bedroom decorations since 1978. Night & Day also sells other decorative items and soft, fluffy towels. They have everything from well-known brands like Lexington, Carpe Diem and Mille Notti among others. Read more about Night & Day Miljö

Photo: Night & Day Miljö

8. Sand & Lin

Would you prefer natural materials in your home? Look no further than Sand & Lin! In this boutique you will find both indoor and outdoor furnishings made in materials such as linen, bamboo cotton and wool – and who wouldn’t want that in their home? Read more about Sand & Lin

Photo: Sand & Lin

9. Ballroom Blitzz

If you are looking for something that will spice up your interior, head to Ballroom Blitzz! Located in an apartment on Drottninggatan. You won’t see any windows or signs – but you will find loads of things you will want to buy for your home. Krickelin visited the store, check out what she has to say here. Read more about Ballroom Blitzz

Photo: Ballroom Blitzz

10. Bang Olufsen

Technology can also be seen as interior decoration! But only if you choose the right items. Not only do Bang Olufsen’s products maintain their incredible quality, they are also really nice looking. Time for a new TV or speakers? Come and visit the store, which is the only one in the region, and choose some technology with style. Read more about Bang Olufsen

Photo: Bang Olufsen

11. Avoi

Are you of the opinion that it is the interior that transforms a house into a home? Perfect – then you need to check out Avoi! Here you will find selected brands in a stylish and inspiring environment, focusing on finding the right feeling in the home. Read more about Avoi.