Within 15 min from Helsingborg city center there are two unique gardens, the Sofiero Castle and Garden and Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens.

Start by visiting Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens where a guided tour will take you through the rose garden, the botanical garden laid out after the principles of the famous botanical professor Carl von Linné (Carl Linnaeus, 1707-1778) and the French and English parks. If you book a guiding tour you will hear about the mansion from the 18th century and visit the old town quarters and the graphical museum where you can print your own postcard or souvenir.

Sofiero Castle and Garden is a former Royal summer residence where you are able to book guided tour. The garden is famous for its more than 10.000 rhododendron, most of them planted by the late King Gustav VI Adolf. He and his wife Margareta received Sofiero as a wedding gift in 1905 and began to alter and develop the park and the gardens surrounding the Castle.

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