These are the most common questions from visitors. Can´t you find an answer to your question? Contact us via chat or phone. We are happy to help you.


  • How often does the ferry to Elsinore departure?
    Answer: We have to ferry services between Helsingborg and Elsinore. Scandlines leave every 15 minutes and Sundbussarna once every hour.

  • How do I get to Sofiero castle and gardens?
    Answer: With bus number 8 towards Laröd. You can also walk towards north on Drottninggatan. Sofiero is located on the left side after approx 4 km walk.

  • When are the rhododendrons at Sofiero in bloom?
    Answer: From mid may until mid june. Visit sofiero.se for more info.

  • What is a “tura”?
    Answer: “Tura” is a local expression for travelling back and forth several times with the ferry between Helsingborg and Elsinore. You can enjoy pleasant food and drinks during the time.

  • How do you travel by bus in Helsingborg?
    Answer: You can pay with credit cards at all buses, at an extra cost of 10 SEK. Single tickets, ferry tickets etc can be bought in Skånetrafikens office at Helsingborg C and at Helsingborgs Infopoints.

  • What is a must when visiting Helsingborg?
    Answer: We have a lot of attractions for you to discover! Start with our top 5 attractions; Dunkers culture house, Sofiero castle & gardens, Fredriksdal open air museum, The Tower (Kärnan) and S:t Maria Church.

  • Do you have any information about the biking route between Helsingborg and Gothenburg?
    Answer: The route is named Kattegattleden. Maps and information are available at kattegattleden.se

  • Can you walk to Fredriksdal open air museum? What is the number of the bus that travels to Fredriksdal?
    Answer: Yes, you can walk from central Helsingborg to Fredriksdal. It takes about 25 minutes. You can also travel with bus number 1 or 22. Jump of at the bus stop called “Juelsgatan” and walk 500 meters east to get to the main entrance of Fredriksdal.

  • How much are the admission at Sofiero/Fredriksdal/The Tower (Kärnan)/Dunkers?
    Answer: 100 SEK/70 SEK/50 SEK/70 SEK. You can entry all these four attractions for only 120 SEK, with the 2 day culture card. You can buy the card at an Infopoint or in the entrance at one of the attractions.

  • Where can I rent a bike?
    Answer: At Travelshop in Helsingborg C. www.travelshop.se

  • Can I bring a bike at the train?
    Answer: You have to buy a seperate ticket for the bike. The cost is the same as a childrens ticket. The staff at the train decides if there is enough space avake.