We welcome you to one of Sweden’s hottest food destinations!

5 places to taste

  • Helsingborg has one of the highest “bistro counts” in Sweden and is also home to a plethora of famous restaurants. Many of these are highly placed in White Guide, the country’s top publication for restaurant recommendations. Sofiero Slottsrestaurang, Fridas, Gastro and La Petite are just some of our entries. We can also brag about Koppi, owned by Swedish barista champion Anne Lunell, and Chocolatte, which has two world championship pralines. A couple of micro-breweries, Helsingborgs Bryggeri and Brewski, have put the city on the beer map. Clearly enough, Helsingborg is full of fine taste experiences! Find your favourite restaurant here.


  • Growers and farm shops lie side by side in Kullabygden. Lamb at Kullalamm, asparagus at Kullasparris, tomatoes at Vikentomater and beer at Höganäs Bryggeri. The Höganäs Saluhall indoor market brings many of the region’s goodies together. Buy some to take home with you. Or enjoy them at lunch in the market’s dining hall. What do Grand Hotel in Mölle, Rusthållargården, Rut in Skäret and Strand Hotell have in common? They are all in White Guide and like to use ingredients grown and picked just around the corner.


  • The climate on the island of Ven is so mild that durum wheat grows well here. Hvens Durum uses it to conjure up delicious breads, pastries and pastas. But that is not the end of the local produce! Barley is also grown here and turned into the island’s own whisky at the Spirit of Hven distillery. Its Sankt Claus was chosen as the whisky of 2015 by Whisky Advocate.  At the harbour, hop of your classic yellow Ven bicycle to enjoy a smooth ice cream and buy some freshly smoked herring to take home with you. A large culinary world on a tiny island.


  • Skåne’s soil and our long growing season are very good for grapes. We turn them into red, white, rosé and even sparkling wines. Visit some of our vineyards to see for yourself! Arilds Vingård, Kullahalvöns Vingård, Vejby Vingård, Södåkra Vingård, Aplagårdnes Vinhus, Villa Mathilda and Vingården i Frillestad will teach you more about the craftsmanship behind a really good wine.


  • We like things to be home made. Some of our producers are entirely ecological, others use nothing that is not immediately local. Some are by the sea, some in the town, others in villages and quite a few in the heart of the countryside. We are a haven for White Guide eateries such as Flickorna Lundgren in Arild and Helsingborg’s 1950’s diner, Ebbas. On Ven, there is Café Tycho Brahe while Båstad has Solbackens Wåffelbruk and Café Utsikten. Not to mention Klåveröds Café, Koppi in Helsingborg, Vildrosor & Höns in Perstorp, Krapperups Kaffestuga… Yes, you have probably realised. We like our café moments!