1248 places for the perfect dive-bomb! If you love sandy beaches, sun and bathing, you will be at home here. We take things easy and enjoy lazy summer days by the sea. From early morning to late evening. We have many beaches. Some are town-centre places, others are secluded pearls. However, no matter where you choose, the restaurants are so near that you can leave your sandals on the beach. Every day, the sun sinks below the Øresund horizon. We who live here, on Sweden’s Riviera, like to watch it. Time and time again! This is a magically beautiful place.

Five places by the sea

  • When the seabirds are circling and diving into the sea off Kullaberg, it is a certain sign – there are porpoises below, chasing the fish to the surface. Porpoises resemble dolphins and, reaching 1.5 metres in length, are the smallest toothed whale. They lead a rather anonymous existence down in the deeps. However, you can now get up close to them. Skimming across the water in a high-speed inflatable off Kullaberg gives you a real buzz – so hold on to your hat! If you would like to see seals close to, then try one of the safaris from Hallands Väderö.


  • From Ringsjön lake, the Rönne river meanders its way to the sea at Ängelholm. An 85-km journey that takes canoeists through almost tropically lush nature, landscapes that breathe Sweden’s heritage and new urban environments. The occasional stretch of white water punctuates your peaceful progress. Paddle for a few hours, or a few days!


  • At the foot of the Kullaberg upland, there is quaint Mölle with its sun, sea and surf. The surfing here is regarded as being amongst the country’s best. It offers perfect waves and, for Sweden, uncommonly high speeds. Feel the freedom of the famous Mölle Wave. It can be a full 100 metres long.


  • Open-air, unheated bathing is a strong tradition in Helsingborg. Kallis and Pålsjöbaden, two of our central facilities, are extremely popular. Kallis is the latest addition to Helsingborg’s open-air bathing establishments. It is modern, boasts large windows, plenty of light and stupendous views across the Øresund. Venerable Pålsjöbaden offers similar panoramas. You will find this magnificent building a little further out, but in a prime position on the seafront promenade. Take the opportunity to lie back in the sauna and relax. In the summer, the Gröningen and Fria Bad beaches are packed with sun-worshipping locals. Here, the sand is warm, the grass soft, the water refreshing and the memories always happy. All within walking distance of Helsingborg City.


  • Båstad is our Saint-Tropez. It is also the picturesque home of the annual Swedish Open tennis tournament. Celebrities and guests from far off lands are drawn here. However, Båstad is so much more than just this! Enjoy the open-air bathing at Hotel Skansen, stretch out on the sandy beach, let the harbour sun warm you and then cool off with a dip.