What do you picture when you think of Skåne? Rolling fields of oilseed rape, villages with roads winding between timber-framed houses, stately turn-of-the-century seaside villas and long sandy beaches?

You are right, that is exactly how it is! However, in northwest Skåne, we have extra everything. We also have drama. Jagged cliffs plunge into the water at Hovs Hallar. At Söderåsen, there is wild primeval forest and a towering rocky plateau with a magnificent view. Kullaberg attracts with its steep stony slopes and caves. And, serene in the middle of the Øresund straits, there is the fairy-tale island of Ven.

We are a walker’s paradise. The naturally beautiful Kullaleden trail is divided into six stages stretching from Helsingborg to Utvälinge. It runs through the Kullahalvön peninsula and the Kullaberg upland. Cliffs, beech forests and coastal meadows dot your path. You pass picturesque villages and enchanting castles such as Sofiero and Krapperup.

5 places for the outdoor adventurer

  • Kullaberg, with its majestic cliffs and wide range of activities, is Sweden’s most-visited nature reserve. It is a magical place – whether you are a climber, a diver or just someone who wants to roam where the views impress.   At the foot of the Kullaberg upland, there is quaint Mölle with its sun, sea and surf. The surfing here is regarded as being amongst the country’s best. It offers perfect waves and, for Sweden, uncommonly high speeds. Feel the freedom of the famous Mölle Wave. It can be a full 100 metres long. When the seabirds are circling and diving, it is a certain sign – there are porpoises below, chasing the fish to the surface. Porpoises resemble dolphins and, reaching 1.5 metres in length, are the smallest toothed whale. They lead a rather anonymous existence down in the deeps. However, you can now get up close to them. Skimming across the water in a high-speed inflatable off Kullaberg gives you a real buzz – so hold on to your hat! If you would like to see seals close to, then try one of the safaris from Hallands Väderö. Read more


  • You can cycle in the middle of the Øresund straits here! Ven is an island rich in myths. It is where the spirit of astronomer Tycho Brahe roams free and pink mallow flowers sway on grassy banks. Pedal around on your own or with a friend on a tandem. Take breaks where durum wheat is grown, herring is smoked and whisky distilled. Read more


  • Båstad also has masses to interest walkers and cyclists alike. Pedal along country roads through an ever-changing landscape. Glorious views, green forests and undulating fields greet you on your way. The Bjäre peninsula is marvellous for mountain biking. Furthermore, the rich countryside of the Hallandsåsen hills is only a stone’s throw away. Read more


  • From Ringsjön lake, the Rönne river meanders its way to the sea at Ängelholm. An 85-km journey that takes canoeists through almost tropically lush nature, landscapes that breathe Sweden’s heritage and new urban environments. The occasional stretch of white water punctuates your peaceful progress. Paddle for a few hours, or a few days! Read more


  • Söderåsen is Swedish wilderness at its best. Our thick forests are a delight for walkers, cyclists and canoeists. Why not stop and enjoy the view from Kopparhatten, the highest point of the Söderåsen ridge? Drink in the panorama of the national park before heading back down. Or put all fear of heights behind you and wander along Hjortsprånget, a narrow ledge of rock that juts out into the deep and steep Skärlidsdalen valley. Read more

Photo: Mickael Tannus