Helsingborg and the region has always had a strong feel for Culture, form and design. Visit our potters, sculptors and designers. We are sure you will find something beautiful to take home with you. After you have visited Dunkers cultural centre and Fredriksdal in Helsingborg, we recommend trips to Kullabygden and Höganäs Keramik. The latter is a classic part of Sweden’s history as an earthenware producing country.

5 cultural nuggets

  • Dunkers Kulturhus has a fine waterside position in Helsingborg’s northern harbour. Art, dance, music and theatre, as well as city and cultural heritage exhibitions, all feature here. The building was designed by Kim Utzon, son of the architect behind Sydney Opera House. Dunkers is the counterpart of Kronborg’s castle on the other side of the Øresund. Dunkers’ deep window bays mirror those of the castle. Tasty refreshments are served in the cultural centre’s own restaurant and bistro.


  • Höganäsgruppen  makes clay art by hand and burn it in 1260 degrees in the ovens in Höganäs.  The clay turns into pottery in shape of bowls, cups, vases and a lot else. Every object is unique in its expression. The store is located in the old production facilities of glazed Höganäs pottery. Worth a visit.


  • Landskrona Art Hall is one of Skåne’s most beautiful art galleries and a favourite with exhibitors. With its large glass walls and clear architectural styling, the building melts into the surrounding park. To celebrate 550 years of Landskrona, the art gallery was built in 1963 as an exhibition centre for industrial design. The architects were Sten Samuelsson and Fritz Jaenecke. It was the only building allowed to remain in the castle park after the end of the jubilee celebrations. Outside the gallery, there is a sculpture park with 20 works by 19 artists.


  • Wallåkra Stoneware Factory has been making classical pots and jugs in the traditional way for 150 years. Salt-glazed brown stoneware pots are one of the hallmarks of northwest Skåne. Here, in this beautiful historic setting, you can follow the craft all the way from clay to finished item. The workshop is picturesquely nestled in the Råån valley, a stone’s throw from the Borgen nature reserve. Relax and enjoy tasty refreshments in the bistro that is now housed in the former warehouse


  • Fredriksdal museum & gardens are Skåne in miniature! Besides the parks, rose garden and kitchen orchard, there are several old houses and other buildings to interest you. Most of these have been bought in Skåne and painstakingly moved here. You can, for example, see an entire street district from old Helsingborg. At the right times of year, drop by to see how Christmas and Easter were celebrated in the past. Autumn brings the Mikaeli market – all the way from the Middle Ages. Maids and farmhands from that period wander amongst the shoppers and tell stories of how the Mikaeli market used to be celebrated. You can even take the opportunity to ride a horse-drawn cart!