Helsingborg is located exactly where the Øresund straits are narrowest. This makes Elsinore in Denmark our nearest neighbouring town. Besides a compact city heart offering commercial centres, popular culture and places to meet, we also have quayside and seashore walks, swimming halls and open-air bathing facilities, sandy beaches and parks. The Helsingborg Arena, a city theatre and a culture and concert hall are other attractions here.

  • Helsingborg is located in what we call the Öresund region. Around 3.9 million people live and work here. Thanks to its position, Helsingborg is a strategic hub, close to Malmö, Copenhagen and, not least of all, Copenhagen Airport.
  • Denmark and the town of Helsingør are 4 kilometres, or a 20-minute ferry ride, from Helsingborg.
  • Approximately 135 300 people live in Helsingborg.
  • 200 free wifi-spots are located around the central parts of Helsingborg.
  • The cultural and entertainment offerings in Helsingborg can be enjoyed at, for example, Dunkers Culture Center, Helsingborgs City Theatre and Helsingborg Concert Hall.
  • Drive 30 min North or South and you will reach the nature reserves Kullaberg or Söderåsen. Perfect if you wish to enjoy nature after a day in the city.


Did you know that…

  • …one of the world’s best free runners is a Helsingborg resident and the person behind Air Wipp Academy?
  • …the free Wi-Fi zone at Gröningen in Helsingborg is probably Europe’s largest?
  • …Helsingborg Marathon, first held in 2014, has become Sweden’s second largest with something over 1,500 participants?
  • …the city is over 900 years old?