Map of the bathing spots in Helsingborg

Click on the map to see all places where you can enjoy a bath in the sea. You can also se information about the water temperature and quality.
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5 cultural nuggets

Helsingborg and the region has always had a strong feel for Culture, form and design. Visit our potters, sculptors and designers. We are sure you will find something beautiful to take home with you. After you have visited Dunkers cultural centre and Fredriksdal in Helsingborg, we recommend trips to Kullabygden and Höganäs Keramik. The latter is...
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Gröna platser

5 green places

We are proud that we have Europe’s most beautiful park. Sofiero castle and castle garden won this fantastic distinction in 2012. Sofiero’s park is still as exquisite today. However, we also have much else to offer. Everything from orangeries to allotments and formal gardens. Tiny garden gems and palatial parks. Which particular Eden will spark...
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5 places to taste

We welcome you to one of Sweden’s hottest food destinations! 5 places to taste Helsingborg has one of the highest “bistro counts” in Sweden and is also home to a plethora of famous restaurants. Many of these are highly placed in White Guide, the country’s top publication for restaurant recommendations. Sofiero Slottsrestaurang, Fridas, Gastro and...
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Dyk ner i Helsingborgs undre värld

5 places by the sea

1248 places for the perfect dive-bomb! If you love sandy beaches, sun and bathing, you will be at home here. We take things easy and enjoy lazy summer days by the sea. From early morning to late evening. We have many beaches. Some are town-centre places, others are secluded pearls. However, no matter where you...
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5 places for the outdoor adventurer

What do you picture when you think of Skåne? Rolling fields of oilseed rape, villages with roads winding between timber-framed houses, stately turn-of-the-century seaside villas and long sandy beaches? You are right, that is exactly how it is! However, in northwest Skåne, we have extra everything. We also have drama. Jagged cliffs plunge into the...
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10 quick facts about Helsingborg

Helsingborg is located exactly where the Øresund straits are narrowest. This makes Elsinore in Denmark our nearest neighbouring town. Besides a compact city heart offering commercial centres, popular culture and places to meet, we also have quayside and seashore walks, swimming halls and open-air bathing facilities, sandy beaches and parks. The Helsingborg Arena, a city theatre...
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